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Freeware Programs

Program Name Short Description Info D/L
New! The ClarkWehyr Enterprises X-COM Editor v1.52 Comprehensive saved game editors for MicroProse®'s X-COM: UFO Defense and X-COM: Terror from the Deep.

If you already have v1.51, you only need to download the executables.

More Info Download Now!
CBRK v1.00 TSR that enables/disables Ctrl-Break More Info Download Now!
ChkDate v1.00 Checks system date for any combination of month, date or year. Returns one of 16 errorlevels. More Info Download Now!
DosVer v1.02 Command line utility that returns the DOS version, revision or both as an errorlevel. Great for network login scripts! More Info Download Now!
New!File Stamp v1.07 DOS utility to date/time stamp your files. Robust date/time parser forgives typing mistakes. Completely network- and country-aware. Now stamps files recursively. More Info Download Now!
MessageSplit v1.01 Splits concatenated ASCII text messages (such as those saved using the Agent® newsreader) into separate text files. Also works with most QWK readers. More Info Download Now!
REcho v1.01 Batch file ECHO replacement prints blank lines, faster than ECHO.. More Info Download Now!
SetSize v1.00 Create disk files of any arbitrary length More Info Download Now!
STRPHTML v1.02 DOS utility that removes HTML tags from a document. More Info Download Now!
Unix2DOS v1.10 Text filter that converts UNIX-style text files into DOS-style text and vice versa. More Info Download Now!


X-COM: UFO Defense® and X-COM: Terror from the Deep® are registered trademarks of MicroProse, Ltd.


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